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{ Monthly Archives } August 2010

Americana, pt. 7

I think it’s part 7;  I’ve actually lost track.  Anyway, tonight’s bit of Americana is a picture of part of my maternal grandmother’s family, circa 1920.  (And before someone gets cute in the comments, my ancestors are the two-legged critters.)  Notice the low carbon footprint lifestyle.

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Quote of the day

From tjic: Doing away with a politician’s ability to borrow would be like cutting off one of his arms – it takes two hands to really get a good choke grip on a citizen when you’re anally penetrating him, and thus losing the ability to borrow, like losing an arm, takes away much of the […]

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Broken Window Fallacy

If you pay any attention to the debate over whether or not “stimulus” spending is a good idea, you may have heard a non-Keynesian mention the “broken window fallacy.”  The Gormogons have posted a simple explanation of this idea in a nice, neat 3 minute and 32 second nutshell.

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Geek Stuff

A partial history of computer Icons.  Pretty cool, especially if you are old enough to remember several of these Icon sets.  Personally, I started with Windows 3.1.  (Via GeekPress)


Been there, done that

It seems like just a couple of years ago we had trouble with our air conditioner.  Of course, they never break down when it’s 80 degrees outside with a cool breeze.  They wait for a day when it’s 107° outside (like today) when I don’t get home til long after the maintenance guys have left […]

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