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{ Daily Archives } Monday, August 2010

A public service announcement

OK, not exactly.  But, it is information you might be interested in. (I haven’t heard of any instances around the general Ratlands area, but then again, I don’t pay much attention to the local news, as I don’t (usually) care about what passes for news on the local TV stations and I really don’t care […]

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What to do when your kid is a marijuana addict

Here’s a very interesting article by a former drug treatment counselor about what to do if you discover your kid is smoking pot.  As always, you should read the whole thing.  However, I will tell you the short version is not “send them to drug treatment.”  The author argues that if you send your kid […]

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Americana, pt. 7

I think it’s part 7;  I’ve actually lost track.  Anyway, tonight’s bit of Americana is a picture of part of my maternal grandmother’s family, circa 1920.  (And before someone gets cute in the comments, my ancestors are the two-legged critters.)  Notice the low carbon footprint lifestyle.

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