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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010


An updated version of the ubiquitous “coexist” bumper sticker, along with a commentary on the common version.  Worth a look. (I’m especially partial to the use of the Mossberg logo for the “T”.)

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Movies you’ll want to see

Dr. Boli previews some movies you’ll want to see.  Among others: Indians & Indians. A Hindu immigrant village in the Old West is menaced by hostile tribes. Meanwhile, half a world away, Native American students at a culinary school in colonial Bombay are menaced by Hindu fundamentalists. Also, for some reason, there are ninjas.

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A good question

Because I haven’t done it for a while… see more Lolcats and funny pictures


Wow. Just wow.

Hillbuzz interprets the seizure of torrent link and counterfeit goods website domains in the past couple of days by Homeland Security and ICE as a precursor to the Obama Administration shutting down websites they don’t like. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but you have to ask the following questions:  1) just exactly how […]

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Another “periodic table” graphic

The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense. (via TJIC)

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Borepatch speculates the Security Theater fiasco currently is a deliberate attempt to wreck the airlines.  Read the Whole Thing to find out his rationale.  It’s really good.

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In case you hadn’t figured it out by now

There’s a global warming climate conference going on this week in Mexico.  In case you thought it actually had something to do with climate, this, from one of the IPCC bigwigs might be of some interest to you: Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC […]

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Elegant solution

Read this.  Then tell me that isn’t the most brilliant thing you’ve heard of lately. Simple.  Effective. Obviously we won’t do it…

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Things to do list

Faced with the prospect of losing over two weeks of vacation that I hadn’t yet taken this year, I scheduled a week off this coming week.  It would probably have been better if I had checked my calendar before I had the conversation with my boss where I said, “Oh, I don’t know.  How about […]

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Free software

Here’s an article that lists 101 free software alternatives to the commercial software a lot of us use.


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