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{ Monthly Archives } January 2011


Today’s QOTD comes from Leg-iron: On the whole, milk is a better option for those things even if it does involve fondling a cow’s boobs. A twisted post on milk products and a video to boot.

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Quote of the Day

This QOTD (from this source) is actually from a couple of weeks ago.  It appeared in The Smallest Minority, a blog I highly recommend and one that I’ve recently added to my “daily dose” in the RSS reader. No doubt the warmist crowd will be quick to express outrage at this blatant confusion of global […]

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Food (or perhaps, drink) for thought

Legiron discusses and links to an in-depth post about breast cancer.  The question is, “Why do women in the Western world die from breast cancer at a rate of about 1 in 10, while women in China die of breast cancer die at a rate of about 1 in 10,000?” The answer appears to be […]

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New Year’s resolutions

I don’t do new year’s resolutions.  Neither does Dr. Boli.  However, while I would never presume to tell you what you should resolve to do, Dr. Boli will.  While I’m a bit late getting to it, if you haven’t yet made up your mind about your New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 (or if you need […]

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Cut back on Union jobs? We’ll show you…

Apparently, according to the NY Post, the bad job New York City (union) sanitation workers did clearing the streets after the recent blizzard and the ridiculous amount of time it took them to do it were deliberate. “They sent a message to the rest of the city that these particular labor issues are more important,” […]

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Danger, Will Robinson

I was talking with a co-worker this evening and somehow, based on something I said, she mentioned that right now she had no joy.  It was a conversation about work, so I don’t know if she was talking about work or in general, but it disturbed me. I have had some moments of pure unadulterated […]


A different kind of solar energy

Via GeekPress, comes this article about a different kind of solar energy.  OK, that isn’t really correct; solar energy is solar energy.  The “different” part is the way the energy is harnessed and used.  From the article: Broadly speaking, there have been two approaches to capturing the sun’s energy: photovoltaics, which turn the sunlight into […]

New Year, New Cheese

I don’t do new year’s resolutions.  I’ve written before about it, but the short version is that I see New Year’s Day as an accident of chronology.  We are roughly in the same place, relative to the sun, we were 365¼ days ago.  Not the most rational reason to embark on potentially life-altering projects.  Besides, […]

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