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{ Monthly Archives } August 2011

More from the boys in Lagos

I get lots of spam, both in my email and in the comments here at Ratlands.  Most of it is junk.  Most of the Ratlands comment spam is for various mail-order pharmaceuticals.  And, I get a few of the classic 419 scams (you are promised a commission for helping some person transfer funds out of […]

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From the “Things I never thought I would ever do” file

A lot of weird things have been happening here in the Ratlands.  That, in and of itself, isn’t particularly noteworthy.  After all, the unofficial motto of the Ratlands is the Hunter S. Thompson quote, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”  A couple of years ago when the transvestite asked me for fashion […]

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Live-blogging from the scene of the crime

So I’m in Topeka, (Kansas)‡ attending training.  I’m staying at a hotel that has a “Manager’s Reception” every evening.  That means you can get 2 free drinks at the bar.  The guy in the room next to me appears to have paid for a few more.  About an hour ago he started yelling “Oh fuck, […]

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If we are to survive…

When talking about the economy, taxes, social programs, etc., most of us talk past each other.  Get past the accusations of bad faith, and you generally find that we don’t understand how the other guy could possibly not see the truth of what we are saying because our basic assumptions about how the world works […]

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Five, count ’em, five

That would be five straight days I’ve been at work before 8:00 AM. (Sometimes it’s the little victories…)

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