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{ Monthly Archives } November 2011

Oh, by the way

Just in case anyone from the IT department at my work has figured out who I am and is checking Ratlands for incorrect thoughts or other improprieties, I can save you the trouble of searching the logs on my office computer.  All these midday posts are written and scheduled for automatic publication in advance. I’ve […]

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Quote of the Day

From a video entitled “Questions you don’t have to ask Tea Partiers” Can you really change the world by blocking traffic?

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I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while because it’s important.  Next time you create a password for an account, keep this advice in mind. I have been doing this for a while, as a guy I really respect in our IT department told me about it several months ago.  Using a phrase […]

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Don’t let the facts get in the way

In her discussions with her progressive friends, Rat Jr. called “bullshit” on the business of the “Occupy” folks wearing the Guy Fawkes masks like in V for Vendetta.  She knew they had missed the point of the movie.  I tried to give her some ammunition to use, but as usual, I was less coherent and […]

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Quote of the day

Today’s QOTD comes from TokenLibertarianGirl via Samizdata.  (The quote is from the end of the video.) It’s compassionate when you reach into your own pocket to help the needy. It’s theft when you reach into somebody else’s pocket no matter how well intentioned the cause may be.

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More reminders

First off, I don’t know what 52 is supposed to feel like.  I don’t feel settled and mature.  I don’t feel like my life (objectively speaking) is probably more than half over.  That said, I seem to be getting a series of reminders that I’m no longer young. A few weeks ago it was attending […]

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A quote for Rat Jr.

Rat Jr. has been involved in some online discussions about the Occupy Wall Street folks.  She has found the OWS supporters to be less than open to alternative opinions.  One of her acquaintances actually told her not to post anything on her facebook wall if Jr. didn’t agree with her. I have a fair amount […]

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Too Cool

This is the kind of thing we need more of.  Please note there are no massive Government-designed booster rockets involved. (I want to go when they get the Dark Sky station up…)


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