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{ Monthly Archives } April 2012

Dr. Boli explains the Internet

I’m pretty sure this is really the way it works.

Some days are better than others

I spent yesterday in the northeast part Kansas.  Lots of interesting history in the area, and they have a really interesting cemetery.  I spent several hours there and saw some cool stuff.  I’ve never seen a veterans section in a small town cemetery before.  The one I visited appears to be all Civil War vets:  […]


Suitably Creepy

Here’s something suitably creepy from The Band Perry called “If I Die Young.”  I don’t know how Rat Jr. finds this stuff. For what it’s worth, I’ve got this scheduled to post at the time I will be interviewing for a Director’s job about 150 miles away from the Ratlands homestead.  I’m not sure why […]

More Music

Lest I be accused of never listening to anything with words, here’s Wonder from Lamb.

You didn’t really think that one through, did you?

The Head Rat really likes “The Voice“, so I watch it with her occasionally.  Tonight after it was over there was some wanna-be fashion designer show on, so I was looking for something else to watch.  (I try not to know anything about fashion.  Several years ago, she insisted on watching this fashion show on […]

Tuesday Music

Here’s a quirky little something I ran across the other day.  The artist is Camiel.

Too Cool

As a fan of NCIS and Dragon Leatherworks, this is just too cool.

When I get paid

I’m pretty sure I will need to buy a Tactical Duty Kilt from 5.11. (via LawDog)



The Head Rat has the TV on in the other room.  I wasn’t really paying attention, but there must have been someone injured when a plane got into some heavy turbulence in the past day or so, because they were doing the whole “scary story, fear for your life and safety” thing.  They had me […]


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