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{ Monthly Archives } May 2012

List of historic “firsts”

A list of Obama’s historic “firsts” while in office. If you’re a true believer, don’t bother to click the link.  You’ll just upset yourself and the cognitive dissonance will spoil your evening.  At least until Survivor or America’s got Talent or Dancing with the Stars comes on. If your regular reading list includes some of […]

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Follow the Money

Addiction in America is set to increase massively in the next year or so.  A new recreational drug epidemic?  No.  They’re just getting ready to change the definition of “addiction” in the new DSM (V, I think).  The new definition makes diagnosing someone as an addict much easier. The DSM (Diagnistic and Statistical Manual of […]

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Follow the money

I meant to post this a while back but got busy with interviews and other things. So why did Obama kill the Keystone pipeline project that everyone (including the notoriously anti-oil EPA) had approved?  Silicon Graybeard suggests that instead of a principled environmental stand (although it certainly made the Greens happy, it’s not likely that […]

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Crap shoot update

Back at the end of March, I mentioned that job seeking was really kicking my butt.  I’ve been targeting organizations that participate in the State Pension system, as I spent 26 years contributing (albeit unwillingly) and, all else being equal, my continued participation would appear to be in my best interest.  I’ve actually had an […]

Quote of the Day, parts 1 and 2

Both from an email from The Daily Caller (sorry, no direct link to the email) on what they described as “Obama’s very bold, totally non-binding flip-flop”: As everyone knows by now, President Barack Obama has courageously re-committed to a position he held 16 years ago now that polls show most Americans are also OK with […]

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