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{ Monthly Archives } July 2012

More on Medical issues

I recently emailed Dr.J of the Gormogons a few comments on his comments on my comments on his post about 3rd party payors in health insurance.  Dr.J graciously responded. While I do have more comments/questions that are germane to the original topic, I realize that I have inadvertently strayed perilously close to “ongoing dialog” territory.  […]

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Saturday Night clean up

Actually working for a living again has done a number on me.  Part of it is that my new boss and I have been out and about setting up equipment and retrieving equipment.  I’ve spent more time outdoors during the heat of the day in the last 72 hours than I have the entire rest […]

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A little something while I’m away

A very cool video of the Earth at night from the Space Station.  The overhead view of thunderstorms and the Aurora is worth watching the whole thing.  (via SDA)  

People who are better at this than I am

Three posts I’ve been meaning to write about from guys who are more eloquent and coherent than I am: The ultimate “you didn’t build that” commentary from Iowahawk: Readings from the Book of Barack Borepatch has an explanation of why the “you didn’t build that” comment was not a “taken out of context” moment and […]

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When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro, v4 (I think)

Long time readers of Ratlands may have noticed that as I’ve gotten further away from my last job and my health has improved, I have begun defining myself as a “former corrections professional.”  Maybe not in so many words, but the intent was there.  I realized that I didn’t miss it and eventually decided I […]

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I watched (part of) the national news this evening.  I almost never watch the national news.  It’s bad for my health and the continued viability of my TV as a functioning piece of electronics.  ABC (yeah, I know; compound error) was running their obligatory coverage about the Aurora shooting “suspect.”   They were talking about his […]

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Damn, now I’ve gone and done it

I went and said something someone found worthwhile.  Nothing like accidentally raising the bar. Seriously, I do appreciate the link from Dr. J. at the Gormogons.

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Friday Night Videos

Actually, this has nothing to do with it being Friday Night and pretty much everything to do with the fact that I couldn’t sleep last night and spent hours following semi-random links. First, as the caption says, “Five minutes of a dude seriously not caring that he is surrounded by cobras. ”  Yes, it really […]


Link Dump

Only three, but worth checking out. 1)  A collection of images related to the “you didn’t build that” meme. (via SDA) 2)  A video done in the style of the anti-drug films they used to show us in the 70’s.  Who knew catnip could be so dangerous? 3)  A link to a link and a […]

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Didn’t I just say that? v2

On Tuesday, in reference to the President’s “you didn’t build that” speech, I said: Actually, I suspect he really does believe this, given that there is no available evidence to suggest that he ever accomplished anything on his own and considerable circumstantial evidence to suggest that his rise to power was the product of an […]

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