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{ Monthly Archives } September 2012

In which cziltang gets backed into a corner

I’ve been busy lately trying to keep up with school, work, family stuff and other assorted issues.  Being, as the phrase goes, “unencumbered by the confines of regular employment” has its advantages.  I usually only work on weekends, I’ve gotten enough installation jobs in the last month to pay the rent and some of the […]

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Auto complete

We’re studying search engines in one of my classes.  One of the exercises is to compare the “suggested search” features.  The text gave us several examples.  On a whim I used one of my own. Interesting.  If you buy into the “Google is politically biased” argument, it would appear that even they are having trouble […]

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Ice Cream

My grandfather loved ice cream. He ate ice cream year-round. He really liked making homemade ice cream. In the summertime, we would drive down to a gas station in the little town where they lived to buy a block of ice. When we got back to the house, he would drag out a gunnysack and […]

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This Is a Test

Since I’m back in school again, I decided to upgrade my computer equipment. And, while I was at it I splurged a bit. Now, some people might think the 2 widescreen monitors were a splurge, but I consider that essential computing equipment. I got used to using two monitors at my old job, and it […]

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