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{ Monthly Archives } November 2012

Just can’t help myself

I’ve been plugging along all semester in an online introductory IT class.  Now, it hasn’t been worthless; I’ve been exposed to quite a bit of stuff I didn’t know or was only vaguely familiar with, but the whole experience has been rather frustrating.  Feedback from the instructor has been minimal.  Out of assignments for 23 […]

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Windows 8 Demo Video

Watch it before Microsoft has it removed from YouTube…

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Still a Neigh-sayer

Against my better judgement I’m posting a link to this. And yes, I’m still a neigh-sayer.  As cute as it might be, I have two comments: 1.  I don’t do cute.  (Ask Rat Jr.  I told her that, the day we brought her home from the hospital.) 2.  I want someone to explain to me […]

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And it doesn’t affect your ability to vote, either

What are YOU wearing?

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Plan B (from Outer Space)

I’ve been working as a House Arrest ankle bracelet installer for over 3 months now.  Apart from the fact that almost every one of the individuals I hook up has been convicted of 1 or more DUI’s, I actually enjoy it.  It’s not enough money to live on indefinitely, but it keeps the electricity on […]

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Election Day

Remember, Vote Odin!


Better than I could have said

I”ve been plugging The DiploMad lately.  Here’s another reason why: There are many reasons why Obama must be defeated. The principal one is his delusional liberal ideology from which all else flows. He is a creature of the faculty lounge/Hollywood brand of intolerant leftist cynicism about, contempt for, and ignorance of America and how the […]

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Sunday dog blogging

THE ADVENTURES OF SPACE DOG!                   Ok, here’s a better one.


on a lighter note

Representatives of two of my favorite food groups:  

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What he said…

I’ve never been a big fan of Senator Pat Roberts.  I have nothing against him and did, in fact, vote for him.  But, I believe in credit where credit is due.  Senator Roberts wants answers about Benghazi.  Good on him. This is Senator Roberts on Greta van Susteren.

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