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{ Monthly Archives } February 2013


From IMAO: Before you get too angry at someone’s stupidity, remember that the logic and rational thought functions of our brains are still in beta.


Obama goes shooting all the time

The Dissident Frogman is at it again.  Here’s his video take on the Obama shooting a shotgun picture. (You may have forgotten, but the Dissident Frogman was the guy that made the classic war correspondent’s guide to bullets a few years back.)

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You’re doing it wrong

Apparently we’ve all been eating Chinese take-out wrong.


Hurricane Map

A really interesting map  of hurricane paths.  Go look.  It’s way more cool than it sounds.


QOTD: 1000th post two-fer edition

According to my WordPress dashboard, this is the 1000th post here at Ratlands since I moved to WordPress,  so, I wanted it to be something memorable. Here is a post by LawDog that reminds those who need reminding that Gun Free ≠ Violence Free.  Go read the post.  Watch the video. When folks tell me […]

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CSM quiz on religion

It’s actually listed as “Are you smarter than an Atheist?” (via SDA) For what it’s worth, I got 31 of 32 right.

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So that’s what he was doing

Perspective changes things…

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Flashbacks with a twist

If you lived through the 70’s and 80″s you may find this as funny as I do.  Otherwise, who knows.

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