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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, February 2013

QOTD: 1000th post two-fer edition

According to my WordPress dashboard, this is the 1000th post here at Ratlands since I moved to WordPress,  so, I wanted it to be something memorable. Here is a post by LawDog that reminds those who need reminding that Gun Free ≠ Violence Free.  Go read the post.  Watch the video. When folks tell me […]

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CSM quiz on religion

It’s actually listed as “Are you smarter than an Atheist?” (via SDA) For what it’s worth, I got 31 of 32 right.

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So that’s what he was doing

Perspective changes things…

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Flashbacks with a twist

If you lived through the 70’s and 80″s you may find this as funny as I do.  Otherwise, who knows.

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