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{ Monthly Archives } July 2013

Your point?

Up til now, I’ve had the good sense to stay out of the Martin/Zimmerman discussion.  I didn’t follow the media hype.  I didn’t follow the trial.  I figured it was a foregone conclusion that since our “moral and intellectual superiors” determined Zimmerman was guilty (apparently of having a “white-sounding” name) the fix was in and […]

“Because that dude is a straight up hard core operator… “

I don’t really know how to describe this.  Larry Correia (Monster Hunter International) got involved in a discussion about shutting down PBS last year.  Mr. Correia interjected some information about Cookie Monster’s days as a mercenary a ways into the discussion.  You just have to read the whole thing.

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A more appropriate response

            I didn’t give this the attention it deserved last night.  As the original post is disappearing “below the fold” so to speak, here’s a link.


15 minutes of fame

Welcome to anyone who happens to be wandering by here from IMAO.  It would, of course, be better if I had any actual new content for you to read. Instead, I’ve got this picture I took of the wall above the urinal in the men’s bathroom at the institution of (allegedly) higher learning I’m currently […]

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Helpful Household Hints

Not from Heloise, for those of you old enough to remember: Dr. Boli consistently cracks me up.  (“The Johnston Domestic Explosives Corp.”? Priceless.)    

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This just about sums it up, I’d say.

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Old Coot Accessories

I mentioned recently that I had an almost irresistible urge to yell at some kids to get off my lawn. This is better.

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More “why didn’t I think of this?”

I have no words for this.

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More Food for Thought

While I’m busy working I thought I’d pass along this little tidbit regarding murder in America.

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This video serves as a brief introduction to superconductors.  Plus, its just cool to watch.

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