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Because Microsoft knows best

I’ve spent most of the evening working on a new router to get the Head Rat’s laptop hooked up wirelessly.  It’s a new Linksys router and it set up just fine on the desktop.  It even connected fine via cable to the laptop.  Unfortunately, every time I tried to turn on the wireless adapter, the router crashed.  After a couple of hours, I started looking online for a solution.

Buried in a forum somewhere, I discovered that this is just another example of Miscrosoft deciding that it knows best and then not bothering to tell you about it.  Windows Vista automatically decides that if you are going to connect wirelessly you should do so using TCP/IP v4 and TCP/IP v6.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any hardware that uses TCP/IP v6 yet.  And, some hardware (specifically like my new Linksys router) isn’t capable of dealing with requests processed using TCP/IP v6 and therefore crashes.  But, of course, Microsoft thinks you should have TCP/IP v6 capability now, so it is included and enabled in Vista.  And they don’t tell you about it.

My router problem got fixed by simply disabling the TCP/IP v6 for the wireless adapter.  It’s a matter of unchecking a box on the adapter properties page.  Works fine now.  Well enough that I’m writing this on the laptop, sitting in bed, watching “Jumper” on TV.  (Probably, TMI but that’s what you get sometimes here in the Ratlands.)

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