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Of redheads, real healthcare reform, and advice for Global Warming True Believers

More link dumping.

This is not the first time I’ve heard that Redheads require more local anesthesia for dental work and sutures. (via the Agitator)

A health care reform proposal I actually like from the CEO of Whole Foods.  Notice the argument near the end of the piece that health care is not a “right”. (also via the Agitator)

Kate at SDA has this advice for the Global Warming true believers who are saying we have only 4 months to do something about Global Warming or it will be too late:

Because I, for one, look forward to December 11 – the day when it’s officially “too late” to save the planet, and we can all get back to our normal lives and let the Kyoto cultists get on with digging their underground flood shelters..

There’s got to be some money in that.  If anyone owns or has access to a backhoe, contact me.  I’m sure we can work up a business plan…

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