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How do I despise thee…

… let me count the ways.

The Ratmobile went into the body shop on Monday to fix what I thought was a relatively minor amount of hail damage.  In fact, were it not for the fact that I only own about 1/4 of it at the moment, I probably wouldn’t even have taken it in to the insurance adjuster.  (Look, it’s a truck, it’s not a fashion statement.)  The “relatively minor” damage apparently can’t be repaired without replacing the hood and the roof and apparently it is nearly impossible to match the colors, so the shop informed me today that the Ratmobile is in the paint bay.

The insurance company is paying for a rental car, but because I am too cheap to spring for an upgrade to something bigger/sportier/cooler, I am now driving a Hyundai Accent.

I pretty much hate this little clown car.  It is difficult for me to get into because of my knees and even more so to get out of.  I despise the sensation that my ass is going to scrape the ground the next time I hit a little bump.  I hate being confronted by a view of the undercarriage on pickups and delivery trucks when I pull up behind one at a light.  Something about the aerodynamics of the car make it impossible to get any fresh air into the front seat (even with all of the windows down) unless you are driving in a strong crosswind.  The air conditioner puts out air that is only fractionally less hot than the ambient temperature. That’s all I can think of at the moment (except the part where the rental company took out the cigarette lighter).

Well, that’s not quite true.  I also despise the approving looks I get from my eco-idiot neighbors who think I traded in my evil truck for something that is “earth-friendly”.

Still, it’s better than walking.

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