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It’s been an absolutely unbelievable week.  Except that weeks like this seem to be the norm here in the Ratlands.  I won’t talk about the parts relating to work, I don’t feel like whining about the parts relating to home, I’m too tired and too cranky to write about political nonsense.  Let’s just leave it at this:  On top of everything else, the Ratmobile still isn’t fixed and I’m still driving the clown car.

But, on the lighter side, IBM has just published the first 3D picture of a molecule and its atomic bonds. Not a representation, this is an actual picture taken with an Atomic Force Microscope.  (via GeekPress)

Update:  I just found this animation.  I feel a sort of twisted obligation to share it with you.  Be warned, however, that things seen cannot be unseen.  (via TJICistan)

Updated update:  And then there’s this visual representation of the American political system.

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