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Sunday Night link dump

Sometimes, as I’m reading the stuff that comes up in my RSS reader (I use Brief, a Firefox browser extension, in case you were wondering), I run onto posts that I think I want to write about but, either I don’t have time at the time, or I’m not sure what I’m going to say or how to say it.  When that happens, I leave the link open in a tab and move on.  Eventually, I end up with several tabs that have been open for a couple of days just sitting there cluttering up the browser and I have 3 choices; write about it, close the link and forget it, or post it as part of a link dump with all the other links I can’t figure out what to do with, but think are too interesting to not pass on.

So here we are.  It’s Sunday night.  I’ve got tabs open in my browser…


First, have you noticed that lately, how no matter what the topic, if you disagree with our Dear Leader you are a racist?  Pretty sure you aren’t a racist and can’t figure out how it works?  This handy flow chart should clear up the confusion for you.

Second, world+dog (apparently including our Dear Leader in his recent test of the ECIN‡, although, personally, I haven’t watched it so I can’t confirm it) is busy reminding you to wash your hands so you don’t spread the Swine Flu and you’re out stocking up on hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap because it’s common knowledge that propaganda induced, paranoid, anal-retentive thorough, rigorous hand-washing is the best way to avoid the dreaded H1N1 virus?  You might want to back off a bit, Sparky, and dial the paranoia down from 11 to something comfortably in the OCD range.  It seems that H1N1 is pretty much exclusively an airborne virus.  While compulsively washing your hands every time they come within 10 feet of another human being may keep you from getting colds and other respiratory diseases, it apparently doesn’t do squat for keeping you from getting the Swine Flu.  Cleaning your ferret cage apparently doesn’t help either (No, really.  Seriously.  Just read the article 😉 ).  (via Survival Blog , in the section for 9/21/09.)

And finally, there is a thought-provoking video at Moonbattery from the Criminals for Gun Control group.  I’ll admit it;  even though I have been working with criminals for the past 29 years, I have inadvertently been insensitive to the fact that (in the words of the group spokesthug)

allowing citizens to own guns creates a hostile work environment for me and my associates.

Well, that clears the last of my browser tabs and I can start the week clean.

‡ The Emergency Child Indoctrination Network.  You know, the system they tested last week for broadcasting our Dear Leader’s smiling face into the nation’s classrooms whenever non-approved ideas planted by racist, obstructionist, atavistic, deluded parents interested only in clinging to their bibles, guns, and selfish individualistic notions contrary to the common good might be floating about, poisoning the minds of the children.  Our children are our future, and our Dear Leader, in his infinite wisdom and compassion must be able to personally intervene whenever any hint of independent thought racist, obstructionist, atavistic lies threaten our glorious, collectivist future.  Hence, the need for the ECIN.

Because if it saves just one child it’s worth it, right?

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