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Is it a Meme or a Theme or just a weird coincidence?

I don’t know, but today’s links have a common thread: art.

First, a lovely painting (OK, it’s really just a cartoon) entitled ACARE from Diversity Lane which addresses the age-old moral dilemma of what is to become of newly unemployed ACORN staff.

Second, another great piece from Iowahawk entitled Earn Big $$$ the NEA way!

It’s true — U.S. government demand for art and art-like products has never been higher! Uncle Sam and the good folks at the National Endowment for the Arts are on the lookout for go-getting, obedient artists like you for a fast-paced career in state propaganda. With the quick and easy Federal Art Instruction Institute course, now you too can get a first class ticket on the federal art gravy train!

Read the whole thing.  Iowahawk is one of my favorite wordsmiths.  To paraphrase that famous line from Jerry Maguire, you had me at “art and art-like products”.

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