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Almost, but not quite completely, unrelated items

The FTC is now regulating bloggers.  (via Gormogons)  Basically, I face an $11,000 fine if I fail to disclose any freebies or payments I have been given for reviewing a company’s products.  I’m given to understand that this includes books and other reading material.  So, rather than risk being assessed a fine of $10,997 dollars more than I can afford at the moment, I will let you and the FTC know that someone gave me a pamphlet from the John Birch Society yesterday.‡

Ever wondered what’s in a cup of coffee?  Sure you want to know?  (Quit whining, suck it up and go see. )  (via GeekPress)

What’s the best way to control graffiti?  The powers that be in Los Angeles think fining the property owner is the way to go.  Apparently it’s easier to catch the property owner…

Do you use Twitter?  (I don’t.)  But just in case you were wondering whether a Tweet you posted was a good idea and are considering deleting it, here is a helpful flowchart. (via GeekPress)

‡Technically it isn’t a problem, as no one from the John Birch Society asked me to review the pamphlet and they don’t cost anything anyway.  But, as no one else has given me anything to review, it was the only personal example I had to tie into the story.  By the way, if anyone from Ruger, Remington, Winchester, Colt, or any other gun or ammunition manufacturer needs an impartial reviewer, I would be happy to help you out…

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