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Strange times at the moment, at least here in the Ratlands.  By that, of course, I mean weirder than usual.  However, as Hunter S. Thompson said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”  I am a consummate professional.

I have a new boss at work.  It should be interesting.  But, in 29 years in Corrections, I’ve lived through 11 major regime changes and only got fired twice.  To quote Eddie Izzard, “Pretty good odds for a shy kid.”

Having Rat Jr. home is cool.  Strange, as the Head Rat and I had gotten used to not having anyone else around, but cool.

Speaking of cool, here are the links.  (I apologize for the lack of links to the places that pointed these out to me.  I’ve had them open in tabs in my browser for several days and forgot to note the sources.)

The TimesOnline (that would be the English paper, not the NYT) has an interesting post on Moral Relativism:

It is so easy to be a moral relativist. It means never thinking through an argument, never offending anyone, never feeling as if you are channelling the unsavoury views of a lunatic fringe. Relativism has a long tradition; the Greek historian Herodotus had some relativist sympathies in the 5th century BC.

It took off in the 20th century, prospering in a haze of post-colonial guilt, feeding off a desire to atone for our forefathers’ racism and assumptions of superiority.It is a moral code for those who do not want to be impolite or rude. It’s the ideology of holding hands in a circle or drinking tea together. Small wonder it has been so seductive within these shores. Moral relativism, as philosophies go, is just so nice.

It’s a shame, then, that it is also incoherent, logically flawed and utterly tired. Few philosophers take it seriously any more. Yet having escaped the ivory towers, it has taken on a life independent of the theorists. It sits at the heart of our society like a jolly, beaming tumour, eating away at our ability to take on the BNP and their ilk.

The incoherence is laughable. The relativist’s position is that all cultural views are equally valid, unless your culture is that of a white, male racist. In which case, you are wrong and the relativists are right, despite the fact there is no objective right and wrong, only cultural practices. Eh?

Worth a read.

The Energy Tribune has a very well-written article explaining the ramifications of e=mc² (in layman’s terms, more or less) for our future energy needs.  The point of the piece is to demonstrate why nuclear power is the best long-term answer for power production.  Also of interest, is an explanation of why the much ballyhooed “green” energy solutions aren’t feasible.  In a nutshell, the masses and velocities involved are orders of magnitude smaller than even fossil fuels, let alone nuclear power.  Taking 1000 MegaWatts of production as the benchmark, the article lists, in turn, exactly what is required to produce that amount of power (e.g. 375 sq. miles of windmills or 20 miles of coastline for tidal energy, etc.)

Associated Content asks why our Dear Leader declared the H1N1 virus a National Emergency when the CDC says the epidemic has already peaked?  (In case you are wondering, I’m linking this because it is an interesting question, not because I think there is some vast conspiracy out there.  On the other hand, the Administration’s statement that you should never let a good crisis go to waste does give one food for thought.)

Finally (via GeekPress), this Klingon Military Recruitment video is a nice change of pace.  It will probably be even more interesting for those of you who actually speak Klingon.

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