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The Sunday Night Linkfest

First, a little inspired silliness from Dr. Boli:

A letter to the Editor

An advertisement for a unique literary service

An advertisement for a unique martial arts dojo

Second, I was apparently wrong last night about the Obama LSD being deliciously appropriate.  This is deliciously appropriate.

Also at Moonbattery, an Economic Stimulus Flow Chart

Say what you will about the guys at Hillbuzz, they have a wicked sense of political activism.

In light of the Climategate revelations about how the AGW proponents falsified adjusted climate data to suit their purposes, you might want to take a look at this John Galt piece where he takes a look at the “adjusted” employment statistics put out by the Government a couple of days ago.  You won’t like it.  Buried in the piece is this nugget.

While this might give one pause to wonder just how our deficit laden government can hire anyone else, keep in mind that the Census employees will be hired and immediately distort the January through May statistics to reflect a huge spike in employment even though it is temporary. IF anyone with more than one brain cell turns off the Bubbleconomists like Steve LIESman and starts to reflect on the real data, PRIVATE business and corporations are not indicating any massive hiring spree for permanent jobs and the hours are not recovering at a pace consistent with any recovery in the past 30 years. We will see nothing more than the proverbial “jobless” recovery in the next five to six months and that should be alarming to anyone considering our economy recovered, recovering or getting healthier any time soon. The only thing recovering right now are those involved in the upholstery business and that’s about it.

Finally, for some reason, I was thinking about George W. Bush last night.  And our Dear Leader.  I was thinking about how the MSM successfully painted Bush as an idiot because of his poor public speaking ability.  They, however, remain curiously quiet about our Dear Leader.  He can read a mean teleprompter, I’ll give you that, although I defy anyone to pin down what he really means.  But, have you ever seen any of his non-teleprompter verbiage?  Strangely enough, Apollo at Federalist Paupers had a similar thought:

When will people stop asking why Obama has suddenly lost his great ability to communicate and finally realize that he never had the ability to begin with? It is still the case that the only thing he has ever convinced anyone of is to vote for him; considering his opponents were Hillary Clinton and John McCain, opinions vary about how large this rhetorical achievement was.

I guess that’s about it for tonight.

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