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Trying to catch Santa in the act

Why else would I still be up at 3 AM on Christmas Morning?  Other than I had to go outside with the dog.  (Something about that -11° wind chill dampens her enthusiasm for the “doing her business” process.  Then there’s the “how do I squat to pee when the snow is already higher than my butt?” problem.  Basically, Kali won’t go outside in this weather unless I go out first and stomp down a patch of snow for her to go on.)

Or, it could be that I just want to pass along a few little tidbits.  If I do it now, they will be waiting for you when you’ve had all the Holiday togetherness you can stand and sneak off for a little “surf time”.

First, a Current Events quiz from the Pew Research folks.  (via SDA)  I’m happy to say, with only a smidgen of smugness, that I got 11 of 12.  I might of gotten them all, but I quit following the stock market after our Dear Leader relieved me of my financial interest in Government Motors and gave it to the UAW.  Because, obviously they deserve the fruits of my labors more than I do.

Second, a post about the Christmas Truce of 1914.

Next the guys at Hillbuzz ask

Our question of the day is posed to any lawyers out there:  how can the government compel you, under our Constitution, to purchase anything?

If Congress can pass laws requiring you to purchase the product known as “health insurance”, can Congress also mandate you purchase “time shares” in vacation property in Florida?

Can it require you to purchase Washington state apples, pineapples from Hawaii, or tickets to Broadway shows in New York?

Will Congress require you, by penalty of fine or imprisonment, to purchase cars from GM, since the government owns that car company, and Detroit needs the jobs?

Next, a special holiday greeting I’ve seen before, but is worth passing around again. (via Cold Fury)

And last, an extra special personal greeting for 60 of the most despicable individuals on the face of the earth, but especially for Nebraska Senator Ben “name your price” Nelson.

Merry Christmas.

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