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The Road Less Travelled

In every life there are, in retrospect, moments which define that particular life.  We look back and we see how this choice at this time forever altered our lives.  Often they seem like inconsequential, even trivial decisions at the time, but they prove to have set in motion consequences that far outweigh the initial event.  Our lives are full of these moments.

Sometimes, if we are really focused, we can identify these moments as we live them.  In those rare moments of clarity we realize that we are at a pivotal juncture and that the choice before us will be a defining moment.  Events are such that we cannot continue to float along, unthinking.  A choice must be made.

I have reached one of these forks in the road.  I am faced with a decision which, while perhaps not earth-shaking, does have particular consequences.  I cannot continue as things are now.

I either need to get a haircut, or buy a pony-tail holder.

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