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Of little hairy women…

OK, this post has almost nothing to do with little hairy women, I just like the line from Gimli in the extended version of the Two Towers. It does have to do with hair, however.

But first, my apologies to my 4 regular readers. I try not to go missing for long periods of time. It’s sort of bad form, from a blogging manners standpoint. (Of course, if you have an RSS feed aggregator, you didn’t waste a trip here just to see a week old post.) I could give you an in-depth update of all the stuff that has been happening that has kept me from even getting on the internet, but the following is the Cliff Notes version:

Personnel. Middle of the night. Tired. Grumpy. And did I mention I don’t like people?

So, I have this theory that changing hairstyles is a (usually mild) form of stylized self-mutilation. While changing one’s appearance is generally considered in terms of fashion statement, I would maintain that in its more extreme forms, it is very much akin to cutting on oneself with a razor or something. People who get a regular haircut or style tend to be trying to maintain a particular look. I’m talking about things like getting piercings, tattoos, shaving one’s head and stuff like that. For me, the hairstyle change tends to come at a time when I’m really frustrated, even depressed. It usually doesn’t make me feel better, but it does seem to reinforce the idea that there are at least a couple of things in my life I have control over.

A couple of times, I’ve shaved a peace sign into my chest hair. Since I don’t take off my shirt at work, it is sort of a private statement. One which one gets reminded of for quite a while as the hair grows back in. By the way guys (or, I guess girls, if you are a little hairy woman), if you are considering shaving a peace sign into your chest hair, the best way to do it is not to shave the actual peace sign, as the hair in the middle tends to overlap the shaved parts and you can’t see the peace sign. A more effective method is to shave the interior of the peace sign, leaving the hair that forms the actual peace sign. It is much more visible that way.

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