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of trans fats and the persistence of memory

There were a couple of articles this week at Planet Moron worth noting. First a bit about trans fats and the health police which contains this nugget:

That’s why we desperately need a law, and so New York City’s health department is proposing an outright ban on trans fatty acids. This follows
bans on smoking, loud music, dancing and adult entertainment turning New York City into little more than an east-coast version of Portland, OR, only without the lightheadedness you get from having entirely too much oxygen in your air.

Second (with apologies to Salvador Dali because I’m not sure why I associated The Persistence of Memory with a global warming piece that wasn’t about Al Gore), we are warned that someday it will be hotter than it’s been in a million years.

Sure, it’s hard to grasp exactly how great a length of time a million years is but to give you some idea, try to imagine yourself sitting down to watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Now imagine yourself watching it all the way to the end.

That’s kind of like what a million years feels like.

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