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Vacation wrap-up

I’ve been on vacation this past week, although at times it’s been hard to tell.  Mostly it’s been some running around punctuated by periods of near vegetative stupor.  That, and we’ve watched a whole lot of NCIS re-runs.

Sunday, the Head Rat and I joined my folks at the Neal Reunion and then visited cemeteries in Greenwood and Woodson counties (I intend to write about that later today).  Wednesday I went to work for a last-minute meeting (note to self: next time you take a vacation, tell everyone you are going camping somewhere without cell phone coverage) and had an MRI done on my shoulder.  Thursday I took the Head Rat to a doctor’s appointment.  Today I went to work for a last-minute meeting (note to self: see previous note to self).  And I just got off the phone with the nurse who told me the MRI looks like I have a partially torn rotator cuff.

As vacations go, I’ve had better.

What I have done is get caught up on all the web sites I’ve been ignoring for the past few weeks.  Consequently, I now have a large link dump for you.

Name the one industry leftist are NOT in favor of regulating.  (No matter how you feel about it, leave it to Travis to point out the inherent logical inconsistency.)

Two takes (Moonbattery and Q and O) on a George Will article discussing the idea of Limited Government vs. the Limitless Welfare State.  (If you only read one of them, take the Q and O.)

Did you see the news that Gitmo is not closing?  Not now?  Not in the foreseeable future?  Missed the Media Blitz about it?  Well, I didn’t see it either, because the current Administration tried to do a low-profile number to secure the funding for the Gitmo replacement and failed.  The “How and Why” from Gormogons.

How about last month’s employment figures?  We’re obviously well on the road to economic recovery, just like our Dear Leader keeps telling us.  To wit: the economy added 431,000 jobs last month.  Cool, huh?  Of course, our Dear Leader would probably prefer that you not notice that 411,000 of those new jobs are temporary Census workers.

Q and O on New Jersey Governor Christie’s apparent declaration of open warfare on the state’s teachers unions.

On a lighter note, Iowahawk has apparently dug up a copy of the screenplay to a Japanese science fiction movie from 1954 entitled Crudezilla, King of All Spills.  Enjoy.

And, Dr. Boli answers the question, “What is a heptagon?”  (I just can’t resist posting this excerpt.)

Mystical properties have long been attributed to the heptagon, and Greek temples to Phthonus were almost invariably constructed in the shape of a regular heptagon, much to the annoyance of the masons’ guild, which repeatedly threatened collective action if its members were called on to lay out one more blasted temple to Phthonus. In spite of their objections, the tradition of ascribing mystical significance to heptagonal shapes, especially regular heptagons, continues to the present day. The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, is actually constructed as a heptagon; but two of the sides, in which our darkest military secrets are administered, are kept hidden from view.

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