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Neal Reunion

Neal, Kansas is a quintessential “wide spot in the road.”  It sits just south of Highway 54 in eastern Greenwood County.  There is, literally, an extra half a lane on the highway for folks to slow down for the turn into Neal.  The streets are gravel, there are perhaps a dozen houses, but no businesses.  The school building was torn down several years ago.  There is, however, a small community building, where social events take place.

Neal Community Center

Neal isn’t a ghost town, as it was always a small community.  When there was a school in Neal, the graduating class was usually 3 or 4 students each year.

Several of the Neal Senior Classes

Back in the mid ’40’s, my father went to school at Neal High School.  He used to tell the story of how he got to play in the State basketball tournament one year.  He wasn’t a real good basketball player, a perennial sub.  He got to play in the State tournament because he and the other 2nd team players made it to the game on time.  The 1st team guys were all in one car, they had a flat and didn’t make it to the game.

Anyway, the whole “class reunion” idea doesn’t work very well when the Class of 44 has 3 members.  Consequently, a lot of small towns have “all school” reunions.  The Neal school reunion is held every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day.  I like going with my folks to watch and listen to my Dad trading stories with a couple of the guys he went to school with 60+ years ago.

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    I wish I could have gone.

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