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Been there, done that

It seems like just a couple of years ago we had trouble with our air conditioner.  Of course, they never break down when it’s 80 degrees outside with a cool breeze.  They wait for a day when it’s 107° outside (like today) when I don’t get home til long after the maintenance guys have left (like today) to finally give up the ghost.

So, I’m standing in a corner of the basement with the Head Rat’s laptop perched on top of a bookshelf (the only place the wireless signal is strong enough to connect to the internet) trying to get some research done for work.  The signal fades in and out down here (it happens every time the dog walks across the floor in the kitchen above me).  I was going to try to ‘remote in’ to my work computer from the desktop in my office, but it’s over 90° up there and the processor was running a lot hotter than normal, so I turned everything off and came down here to chill.

I read somewhere recently that some frelling idiot from one of the Washington papers was explaining how much better off we would all be if we didn’t have air conditioning.  How our neighborhoods would be safer because people would be outside more.  How old people wouldn’t die of heat stroke locked away in their apartments with their fans.  How the pace of our business day would slow down and be more relaxed, etc.  And it would be good for the planet because air conditioning eats lots of energy.

I really like most of my neighbors.  You put me outside with them on a night like tonight when it’s still 95° at 10:30 at night, with all of the dogs yapping and Kali going berserk at the guy across the way behind us who she hates and people complaining about the heat and the apartment management and the sprinkler system that isn’t watering but about half of the grass but still manages to leave a small lake around, beside and usually covering the patio of the guy to the southwest of us, and the thousand and one other things I can think of that various neighbors would complain about and the thousand and one things they would think of that I wouldn’t, and everyone is hot and tired and cranky and sooner or later one of them gets their feelings hurt and fires off on someone else over a half-remembered slight and they start arguing and tempers flare and all I want them to do is shut up and no one will, and it gets louder and angrier and more and more out of control and then…

Well, boys and girls there would be death, destruction, and bloodshed, not necessarily in that order.

But that’s so much better than everybody minding their own business in their own apartments in the cool, dry air conditioned air because some yutz from Washington (who probably spends August in the Hamptons on the beach) thinks it would be good for us “little people” to crank our standard of living back 50 years to satisfy his notion of what other people should do for “the greater good.”

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