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And that’s how I solved my OCD problem

There were a couple of studies published this week that suggest that hallucinogens may be of some value in treating mental illnesses.  One suggests that Ketamine (yes, the horse tranquilizer) which is mildly hallucinogenic in humans

boosted signaling between neurons in the brain, and even led to healthy growth of synapses. (Chronic depression can be linked to inhibited synaptic growth.) Ultimately, they concluded that ketamine might be useful in treating depression because it increases brain activity instantly – so there is no need to wait weeks or months for the drug to take effect.

Another study suggests that classic hallucinogens like LSD might be useful in treating major depression, anxiety disorders, and OCD.

So, basically, that last acid trip I took 30+ years ago where I sat for 7 hours in a field and watched a deer carcass decompose was actually a self-treatment for my OCD problem‡…


(via GoodShit, which is a very bizarre web site.  The author has excerpts and links to the most amazing, eclectic collection of fascinating articles, photographs, studies and websites.  And lots of pictures of naked women.  VERY Not Safe For Work.)

‡I am not currently, nor have I ever been, diagnosed with OCD.  I have lots of issues, but OCD isn’t one of them.  And, for the record, it was an attempt at tangentially self-deprecating humor related to the dumb stuff I did when I was experimenting with illicit substances, not an attempt to make fun of mental illnesses or those who suffer from them.  God forbid we get off into Jennifer Aniston/”retard” territory.

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