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St. George and the Dragon

Picture the erstwhile knight, astride his noble office chair, spearing the Beast of Redmond with his Linuxlance. OK, the reference is a bit grand, but I do feel a bit like I’ve been battling the dragon. I’ve been playing with Linux off and on for about 3 years, but after reading the new EULA for Vista, I decided I was going to get serious about giving up Windows.

Yesterday I installed a new external hard drive. Today I moved all of the media files I had on my second internal drive to the new one. I’ve been running Ubuntu Linux out of a partition on that drive. After downloading the new Ubuntu 6.10, I wiped the entire drive and installed Ubuntu. So far it looks good. It will take me several days to re-install all the programs I had been experimenting with. I also need to get a Windows emulator working so I can run Windows programs from the first internal drive. It’s a small start, but my goal is to be in a position where I don’t boot Windows at all.

I really can’t explain why this is so important to me. I just don’t like the way Microsoft does business. My potential defection is, of course, less than a minor concern in Redmond (although if enough people did likewise, that might change), but it just gives me a certain small sense of satisfaction to (potentially) be able to take my business elsewhere.

It is not, perhaps, quite as noble as slaying dragons for the good of all Christendom, but then, “St. Cziltang” just doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

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