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Live-blogging from the scene of the crime

So I’m in Topeka, (Kansas)‡ attending training.  I’m staying at a hotel that has a “Manager’s Reception” every evening.  That means you can get 2 free drinks at the bar.  The guy in the room next to me appears to have paid for a few more.  About an hour ago he started yelling “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” along with some unintelligible moaning.  I thought he was having drunk sex.  Then he yelled “It’s not here.”  While not ruling it out completely, I figured if he couldn’t find “it” after all that time, it probably wasn’t sex.  About 20 minutes ago, he called someone or there was someone in the hall, and he finally said he lost his money clip.  Now it sounds like he’s hitting himself up side his head and crying.

We’ll see what happens, I guess.

On a different front, I’ve been contemplating how effectively smoking and smokers have been de-normalized in our society.  I can’t smoke in the hotel room and in fact there are only 4 designated smoking rooms in the whole hotel.  Meanwhile, I got a flyer the other day from one of the placement providers my organization uses.  They’ve just opened up a small residential facility (8 beds, I think) for “co-gendered” kids, i.e. girls who want to be boys and boys who want to be girls.  (Anyone else suddenly reminded of “Lola” by the Kinks?).

30 years ago you couldn’t have gotten a non-smoking room and the co-gendered kids would have been in the state hospital.  While I have no problem with the co-gendered kids, and view this as progress, I really wish this whole tolerance and diversity stuff extended to everyone, and not just the groups the “other people’s business minders” don’t find offensive.

‡ I was going to just say Topeka, but I’ve recently discovered that there is a Topeka, Indiana (pop. 1153, just down the road from Goshen and Elkhart), a Topeka, Illinois (pop. 83, 20 miles SW of Peoria), and a Topeka, Mississippi (listed by the State of Mississippi as a “populated place” which appears to have half a dozen houses, situated about 60 miles north of New Orleans).  I don’t want you to get confused.

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