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More from the boys in Lagos

I get lots of spam, both in my email and in the comments here at Ratlands.  Most of it is junk.  Most of the Ratlands comment spam is for various mail-order pharmaceuticals.  And, I get a few of the classic 419 scams (you are promised a commission for helping some person transfer funds out of Africa, typically).

Every once in a while, I get something original, if not terribly articulate.  This was in my email today:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a consultant to co-operative union society in GHANA,BURKINA FASO, BENIN.

LIBERIA AND SIERRA-LEONE in which they were into local miners of AU metal alluvial GOLD dust with 22+carats and with 99.98 percent purity.

Please if you are interested in purchasing this GOLD,Kindly contact me back on this my private email: where i will able to response to you fast and I will give more information about the gold Contact me with the email Below:   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kindly include your full contacts address.

Best regards,


I removed the name and the email address.  It’s apparent these guys don’t actually know anything about gold, as 22 Karat gold is 91.66% pure.  Anyway, I thought I’d share this wonderful opportunity with you.

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