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Some things are just wrong

And then there’s people like me…

Today I was talking with one of my co-workers.  She was telling me that she had just gotten word that one of her clients in a residential placement had just gotten in trouble.  The story, as it was told to her:

The client threw something at a staff member and hit the staff member in the eye.  Upon further investigation, it was determined that the “something” was, in fact, a ball of pubic hair.

At this point, the more or less normal people in the room all said something like, “eewwww.”

There were, however a couple of us who have spent a significant amount of time working in residential facilities.  We had some questions.

1.  Given that scissors aren’t allowed at the facility in question, was the hair plucked?

2.  Was the hair collected in one fell swoop or over time?

3.  If collected over time, where was it stored?

4.  If not collected over time, was it removed as part of a treatment for crabs?

Enquiring minds want to know.


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