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A quote for Rat Jr.

Rat Jr. has been involved in some online discussions about the Occupy Wall Street folks.  She has found the OWS supporters to be less than open to alternative opinions.  One of her acquaintances actually told her not to post anything on her facebook wall if Jr. didn’t agree with her.

I have a fair amount to say on the matter; none of it particularly elegant, eloquent, or original.  I may actually get around to posting some of it.  But, as usual, an hour after vainly attempting to articulate my point to Rat Jr., I found this gem at Coyote Blog.  (I apologize for lifting the whole article, but I can’t excerpt 2 sentences.)

If the very rich got that way through special access to government power, then why is the solution to tax them more, and not just to reduce government power?

And if the very rich got that way through hard work and innovation, then why the hell are we proposing to take resources out of these people’s hands?


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