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Downtime on the Eve of Destruction

I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.  It just popped into my head and I typed it.  Now, if something horrible happens tomorrow, y’all will think I’m psychic or something. 

(Probably the “or something”.  Doesn’t matter, really.)

I’ve been trying to get to that list of topics that have been floating around in my head, but I find I’m just too tired to think about big things.  I’m not sure why, but training new staff is really draining.  And, we’ve got some moderately bizarre personnel issues going on at the moment, and we’re trying to hire another batch of employees.  I’m guessing the odds of anything substantive getting written here in the near future are rather small.

On the personal side, my folks got to south Texas safely.  They drive their RV down each winter for a couple of months.  I’m guessing it is more of an adventure than they let on: they are in their late 70’s.  My father has wanted to try fishing in the Gulf of Mexico for quite a while.  They went out on a low-rent group charter a couple of days ago.  Dad won the prize for the largest fish caught.  He told me it was almost 8 inches long.  But, he had a good time, so it was probably worth it.

I was thinking about turning in early tonight, but I can’t go into the bedroom yet.  The Head Rat is watching some gory slasher movie.  I don’t do gory slasher movies.  I have a hyper-active imagination, so whenever I try, I have nightmares.  This is also the reason I’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz all the way through.  When I was a kid, the flying monkeys scared me, so I always hid behind the sofa.

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