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The Royal family comes to America

It appears the British royal family will be moving to Los Angeles some time this summer.

No.  Not the relatively lame Charles and Camilla show.  The real British royal family lost a great deal of their fascination for the public after the death of Princess Diana.  In a very real sense, especially in terms of accessibility, the celebrity royalty in the UK have been David and Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham.  For my soccer-challenged American readers, David Beckham (while perhaps never the best soccer player of the current generation and while not as good as he was just a few years ago) has easily been the most recognizable soccer player in the world for quite some time.  Designer clothing, flashy hair cuts, glitzy lifestyle, and then he married Posh Spice.

Beckham has signed a contract to play for the LA Galaxy in the MLS.  Seems like an interesting marketing move to me and the word is that Victoria is friends with Tom and Katie Cruise.  And, even with the media attention they will surely draw, it is likely that they will be less visible here than anywhere else in the world, something that will probably make life a little easier on their kids.

(If you were looking for a point, there isn’t one.  I’m just fascinated by the whole thing.)

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