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And now, for something sort-of different

Job seeking is really kicking my butt.  I used to tell clients that job seeking is a full time job.  It has become that and more.  It would probably be easier if I were just spamming applications, but I’m trying to get on with organizations that participate in the same retirement system I spent 26 years contributing to.  To that end, I’m spending a lot of time tweaking my applications and resume to highlight my allegedly transferable skills to match the exact job descriptions.  Given my education and experience, I am exactly and extremely well qualified for about 5 jobs in the State of Kansas, and none of them are open at the moment.  Everything else is a crap shoot, and getting an interview depends on whether I can convince whomever is doing the hiring that my absence of precisely relevant experience is more than made up for by my wit, charm, quirky world-view, expansive knowledge of irrelevant facts and ideas, and 24 years of managing a population which included a significant number who were hostile and uncooperative.  And I managed clients, too.

So, basically, I’m screwed.  And look, I’m not complaining.  Much.  It is what it is.  Other people have it a lot worse.

I did take time out Wednesday evening to do this:












With this being the end result:










That would be hot links, hot dogs, and thick pieces of ham covered with the blueberry-bourbon BBQ sauce I made some time back, all smoked over indirect heat.  By the way, the sauce hasn’t mellowed any as it has aged.  I now refer to it as “Hooo Dawgie” BBQ sauce because after the first bite the other night I actually said that and slapped my leg.

Put me in mind of Jed Clampett (the Buddy Ebson version).


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