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The Head Rat has the TV on in the other room.  I wasn’t really paying attention, but there must have been someone injured when a plane got into some heavy turbulence in the past day or so, because they were doing the whole “scary story, fear for your life and safety” thing.  They had me sucked in for a moment, until I heard the investigative reporter talking head say that over 300 people have been injured in the US in turbulence incidents SINCE 1980!  For those without rudimentary math skills (and as a service for those of you who do, but just don’t want to be bothered…) that’s an average of 14.3 injuries per year.  There were 640 million passenger-flights (as opposed to 640 million airplane flights)  in the US last year.  That’s around a 1 in 45,000,000 chance of being injured on a domestic flight due to turbulence.  Them’s lottery odds.

Rush Limbaugh must not have said anything annoying today.

And, yes, I understand there probably weren’t 640 million domestic passengers in 1980, so my assumptions for the sake of simple math are marginally valid.  However,  even if the average number of passengers for the last 21 years is half that {which it isn’t}, we’re still talking 1 in 22 million, or a .00011% chance of you getting popped any time you get in a plane.  Wake me up when Glenn Beck moons someone.

Or, better yet, investigate what the real MPG for a Chevy Volt is when you figure in the coal and other fuels that went into making the “free” electricity you charge it with.  Or investigate the NSA’s new supercomputer facility that will be storing illegally obtained communications from pretty much everyone and will have the power to de-crypt your financial data, Google searches, etc.  Or, hell, find out whether the President is still sneaking out for a smoke or not.  Seems to me we deserve to know whether or not the allegedly most powerful man in the world is a cranky, jonesing nicotine junkie sneaking out for a few drags when he can, or whether he’s finally demonstrated some willpower and actually quit, or even better, finally manned up, grew a pair, and said “to hell with all of you, I’m smoking in the Oval Office whether you like it or not,”

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