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Onward (again)

Exactly a year ago I wrote a post entitled “Onward” in which I discussed paying the hosting and domain registration bill for Ratlands.  When I sat down to write today I was intent on doing the same thing and actually had “Onward” as the post title.  Strange how my head is in pretty much the same space as it was a year ago.  And, I have paid the hosting bill for Ratlands again.  I probably shouldn’t have.  I could have let it die a quiet, dignified, if unlamented death; money is tight, and my own hosted domain is something I could do without.  Or, I could have moved Ratlands to Blogger or WordPress’s hosting system, but I didn’t.  This is one of those little conceits I maintain while the rest of my life is being redefined.

For what it’s worth, I averaged one post every 5.7 days this past year and each post cost me $1.87.  (I trust you got your money’s worth.)

Last year, my excuse for not writing regularly was that I was doing catch-up reading to become better informed about the things that are important to me.  This year I don’t even have that excuse.  Theoretically, I have plenty of time for writing, but I find I just can’t concentrate.  It isn’t that I’m not doing anything, or thinking about anything, it just seems that none of it is coherent.  Part of it may be that I read so much good writing in so many places and I know I don’t have much to say that is unique or adds value to the dialog (whatever that means).

Or it could be that I spend too much time late at night killing Hulking Stone Elementals and Sensali Darkfeathers and never seem to get a decent night’s sleep.  (One would think that being unemployed and all, I would have plenty of time to sleep, but it ain’t happening.)

In any case, Ratlands will be around at least for another year.  We’ll see whether it gets any better.

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