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What’s a little brain damage amongst friends?

As a smoker, I take a lot of crap off of people about my choice to smoke.  Quite a bit of it is, frankly, mean-spirited and a simple expression of various individuals who seem to have 1) a need to feel superior, 2) nothing better to do than mind everybody’s business but their own, and 3) a deep seated need to tell other people what they can and can’t do.  But, pick any issue and you will find these types crawling out of the woodwork, so this isn’t anything new or special.  I also end up taking a lot of crap from nice people who are genuinely concerned about me and my potential for continued existence.

For any of you out there who fit in the second category, I am happy to report that there is now hope for your friends and loved ones.  A new study suggests that there is, in fact, a cure for smoking.  Apparently, all you have to do to quit smoking is sustain damage to a small part of the brain called the insula. 

Sign me up.

Actually, the fact that damage to the insula appears to turn off the addiction suggests multiple angles for research.  And, more importantly, it also suggests that my smoking is simply a matter of bad brain chemistry.  If that is so, then I simply can’t help it.  I’m really a victim here.  It isn’t really a choice at all, it’s more like a disability. 

Yeah, that’s it.  Smoking is a disability.  And, under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), you all are legally obligated to accommodate my disability just like you do for people in wheelchairs, for example.  So, until they find a way to trigger the insula via treatment or I sustain some brain damage, I guess you all will be welcoming me and my disability back into public buildings and restaurants, right?

(I won’t be holding my smoke-laden breath.)

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