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Quote of the Day

From MArooned, in a comment on a story about the consequences of Los Angeles County handing out badges to politicians:

Nice. Real nice. For some bizarre reason, the police decided to hand out badges to politicians. Why? I don’t know; maybe they ran out of chainsaws to give to toddlers…

If you don’t read Jay G every day, you should.  And as long as I’m talking about Jay and MArooned, try this post about serial drunk drivers in Massachusetts who still have their licenses even though lifetime revocation is now mandatory.  His comment:

Call me cynical, but I’m thinking that the only reason the state of Massachusetts doesn’t start really cracking down on drunk drivers is that there’s too much money involved. Each drunk driving arrest means thousands of dollars of fines, plus court costs, lawyer’s fees, etc. – and what are most politicians before they become politicians? That’s right, lawyers. If there was a serious and concerted effort to stop people from driving drunk, all those fees, fines, and court costs go away.

All I can say after having spent 32 years working in corrections is that you can never go wrong when you follow the money, Jay.

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