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Health Care

Coyote Blog has one of the best small essays on why the government should not be involved in the health care industry.  The whole thing is calm and reasoned and approached the issue from an angle I had not seen before.

Government health care will act as a Trojan Horse for nanny fascism. 
Because, you see, if the government is paying to fix your body, then
you can’t be trusted to do whatever you want with your body.  By paying
for your health care, the government has acquired an ownership interest
in your body.  You want that Wendy’s cheeseburger?  Sorry, but the
government can’t allow that if it is paying for your health care.

By the way, if you are at all open minded, I think Coyote Blog does a better job of presenting a libertarian viewpoint than most, even better than some of the big names.  I like the way he thinks, he has the deeper background that I don’t have, and he is a much better writer than I am.  Of some interest are recent essays on:

global warming hype

DRM and the death of “fair use”

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