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Congratulations, you’re getting a medal

By now, you’re probably aware that our President recently stated that no one in America succeeds on their own, without help from the Government.  (If, by some chance you aren’t, read this, or this.)

Actually, I suspect he really does believe this, given that there is no available evidence to suggest that he ever accomplished anything on his own and considerable circumstantial evidence to suggest that his rise to power was the product of an exotic (and conveniently exploitable when necessary) genetic heritage and systemic preferential treatment and/or deliberate external intervention.

There are plenty of logical refutations of his premise out there (see the above referenced items for starters), but I prefer this.  I would quote from it, but you really need to read the whole thing (six short paragraphs) for the full effect. (via TSM)

Or this.

Or this.

(Update: stuff that hit my RSS reader after I posted.)

Or this (which isn’t funny, but does fit the theme)

Or this (which doesn’t fit the theme, but is funny) in which Bill Whittle tells us why we should vote for Obama


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