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Link Dump

Maggie’s Notebook has a list of foreign countries receiving billions in Stimulus funds.  (via Doug Ross)

As long as we’re talking about Billions, Bruce McQuain at Q and O talks about the $5 billion the IRS sent to identity thieves last year.

Tell me Child Protective Services won’t be all over this guy.

The Czar at The Gormogons on the Obama Camp claim that the Romney tax plan will raise taxes on the middle class.  I definitely recommend you go read this one.  The claim is based on a report by a think tank that, as part of its analysis of the plan, makes the assumption that Romney won’t implement the plan.

An editorial regarding Obama’s decision to buy up meat to protect the ethanol industry. (via SDA).

Finally another Bruce McQuain piece:  What part of “healthcare is a finite resource” does the Left not understand?




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