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This Is a Test

Since I’m back in school again, I decided to upgrade my computer equipment. And, while I was at it I splurged a bit. Now, some people might think the 2 widescreen monitors were a splurge, but I consider that essential computing equipment. I got used to using two monitors at my old job, and it just isn’t the same when you have to go back to one monitor.  No, what I’m talking about by way of splurge, is the Dragon voice recognition software that I bought on sale when I ordered the monitors. I don’t know whether it will work for me for Ratlands purposes, I don’t know whether I can speak coherent sentences on a regular basis, and I’m not sure my diction is routinely good enough to make dictation to voice recognition software worth the time and trouble.

I guess this will take some getting used to. I have this theory that I may be able to dictate blog entries while I’m on the road for work and then play them into the microphone when I get home. It seems most of my good ideas happen while I’m on the road, and I am almost always short a piece of paper and pen and time to write them down. Of course, this may be like those dreams you have where you solve some fantastic problem, or bring peace to the earth, or maybe it’s like when you achieve spiritual enlightenment when you’re high, but can’t remember the key when you sober up. What I’m saying is that all of those really good ideas I have while I’m in the truck may not be all that great, they just seem great because they’re in my head and I haven’t gotten them on paper and subjected them to the “that’s stupid” test.

If you start seeing more incoherent, jumbled, disorganized, and generally worse rambling than usual, you’ll know I’m trying to auto-blog.

And, speaking of stuff that happens during an altered state of mind,  there’s this quote from a guy named Tim Dees on something called Quora (via Eapen Thampy who has been guest blogging over at The Agitator):

14.  Take away alcohol and stupid, and the world would require about 90% fewer cops.

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