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In which cziltang gets backed into a corner

I’ve been busy lately trying to keep up with school, work, family stuff and other assorted issues.  Being, as the phrase goes, “unencumbered by the confines of regular employment” has its advantages.  I usually only work on weekends, I’ve gotten enough installation jobs in the last month to pay the rent and some of the bills.  The only problem is I really can’t plan for when I’m going to be working.  For me, that’s harder than going to work every day.

Anyway, I’m not complaining, other than to say that school has been keeping me very, very busy.  I’m not used to being this far behind, although in checking with my classmates, I don’t appear to be bringing up the rear.  So, with the computer classes come lots of online labs and tests and study materials that I need access to.  Three nights ago, my computer crashed.  When I got it back on, I had nothing on my monitors.  After going into full-blown panic mode for a while and then sleeping on the problem, I eventually figured out that I had blown a video card.

Now, I had ordered the parts for a new computer, my intent being to retire the old one to “server” status so I could play with some of the server software I have access to and use some network diagnostic software we’ve been talking about in class.  (A network of one computer makes it a little difficult to get the full effect.)  It was going to be an orderly transition, with the new computer being built a few items at a time until I was ready to make the switch.  Well, that was the plan.  In the words of Moltke the Elder, “no plan survives contact with the enemy.”

The point is that after spending the better part of the last 24 hours working on it, I now have this:

inside view of a computer











Yes, it’s overkill.  Yes, that’s 16 Gigs of RAM and two video cards.  No, I don’t have all 6 internal drive bays full (but I do have an SSD to run the operating systems and 1.5 TB of storage space), and no, I don’t have all 4 of the external bays full.  But, like they said in the “A-Team” movie, “overkill is underrated.”  I still have to finish tying up the wires and I should probably install a couple more case fans.  It has room for 10, but I think I can get by with 5.  I’m not happy with the heat sink on the processor, so I may need to upgrade that.  For what it’s worth, if you are buying a new computer, try to get one with a modular power supply.  They let you only use the power cables you need and you aren’t left with a bunch of unused wires cluttering things up.

Now, back to studying.

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