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Tasteless and not even original

IF you follow trending topics, you’ve probably heard of or seen the Lena Dunham video comparing voting for the first time to losing your virginity (and of course, that you should do it with Obama).  Reaction around the net has been, shall we say, less than positive (except in, of course, leftist circles where it is assumed the only issues women are concerned about are those affecting what one parody called their “lady parts”).  Personally, I found it tasteless and just a bit creepy.  OK, a lot creepy.

The funny thing is that not only is it disturbing, it’s not even original.  Mark Steyn pointed out that the idea was used by Vladamir Putin previously.  Once he posted that information, he was made aware that before Putin, the idea was used by a Green Party senator in Australia.  All 3 videos are here.

Sort of a view of the current administration in microcosm: tasteless, crass,creepy, and unoriginal.

(via Mark Steyn at National Review Online)

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