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Better than I could have said

I”ve been plugging The DiploMad lately.  Here’s another reason why:

There are many reasons why Obama must be defeated. The principal one is his delusional liberal ideology from which all else flows. He is a creature of the faculty lounge/Hollywood brand of intolerant leftist cynicism about, contempt for, and ignorance of America and how the world works. These liberals insist on seeing what they believe. They see a world awash in turmoil and poverty because they believe America’s success comes at the expense of the rest of the world. We are rich, because they are poor; they are poor because we made them so; we can only be rich if they are poor. From here comes Obama’s “apology tour,” his disdain for our military–except when it brings him electoral advantage, e.g., killing Osama–and our increasingly absurd foreign policy evermore removed from our real interests. The world is now a much more dangerous place for American interests than it was four years ago. Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, and terrorist groups all over the world are emboldened by our failure to develop domestic sources of energy, our half-hearted efforts to halt Iran’s nuclear program, the easy manner in which Obama threw away our victory in Iraq, and the disastrous and cowardly handling of the Benghazi attack. Obama’s generally cavalier attitude toward American security, interests, and power ensures that we will have more attacks on our people, facilities, and homeland.

There’s a lot more and well worth your time.  Please go read the whole thing.


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